Sirius, also known as the “Dog Star” (Latin – Canis Majoris) is the brightest star in the night sky. Although it is more than 22 times more luminous the Sun, it is by no means the most luminous of stars and there are many more than are brighter. The high visible brightness of Sirius is due to its intrinsic luminosity and proximity to Earth. Sirius can be observed from any region of the Earth, except for its northernmost areas.
Sirius is a double star that consists of a star of the spectral class A1 (Sirius A) and a white dwarf (Sirius B) revolving around the center of mass roughly every 50 years.

This amazing instrument was made for the Russian cosmonaut Sergei Kostenko.

In the basis of this project is the form factor of Paul McCartney’s bass – hence, the violin theme. The customer sent some photos for the sample and added that he would like to have a semi-acoustic instrument called Sirius with a violin head for performing music in the style of blues / jazz.
These were the approximate initial conditions. Everything else – the choice of materials, design, accessories – fell on my shoulders ?

The first step was to draw a sketch. My main principle in exclusive orders (in general orders as well) – is never to create duplicates. Copying the shape of the bass was immediately ruled out. To start developing the design concept I had to learn about the features of the Star. Among the main characteristics, I focused on the brightness and duality of Sirius. This became the general concept of the instrument: a bright, memorable appearance with a symmetrical / asymmetrical nature in almost every element. The most important was to make it harmonious and not tacky. I had to break free from the idea that “the harmony in a violin is found in its symmetry”.

I was able to get past this way of thinking but it was more difficult for the customer initially ? I sent the customer a sketch and received an answer with the wish to have a symmetrical contour. The most convincing counter-argument on my part was ergonomics. With the “right” construction of the hull, getting to the far frets will be as difficult as in acoustic guitars. To make a cutout in the form of a horn would go against my concept of the guitar, and as there are many such variants in the world I was concerned that we would fall into the banal. Eventually, I managed to change his mind.

The next stage was the choice of design. Here I allowed myself to experiment a little. Given the massiveness of the head, it was clear that for a good balance, the body should be heavy, but the weight of the instrument should not be more than 5 kg. It was also important to maintain a balance between acoustic and electric guitar characteristics. Hence the idea was born to make it semi-acoustic with thick upper and lower decks and with a “suspended” semicircular bar. The rest was the matter of technique. The experiment was very successful and everyone was satisfied with the result.

You can see the process of making this guitar on the website.

NameSemi-Hollow Sirius
Body WoodBrazilian rosewood/Wenge
Top WoodMacassar Ebony
Neck WoodMahogany
Fretboard WoodMacassar Ebony
Scale Length24.650”
Frets22 Sintoms 2.3 mm (bell bronze)
TunersPlanet Waves
BridgeT-Bridge L.R.Baggs/Bigsby
PickupsAPG PAF Modern
ElectronicsCTRL-X L.R.Baggs preamp
FinishGloss/Matt Lacquer