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About myself

About myself
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My name is Dmitry Poznysh and for over 25 years I've been doing my favorite thing - creating guitars.

Each guitar maker has their own way of development and their own philosophy which allows the best way to reveal their abilities and creativity.

After acquiring invaluable experience over the years and painstakingly sharpening your skills, you begin to understand that you suffocate within the tight framework of classic shapes and concepts. Your artistic requires imagination, creativity, experiment, and healthy adventurism.

This is a different level and a new height.

Every guitar is an experiment. New lines, complex planes, exotic materials, combining technologies, stylish design – these are all components of my philosophy on guitar engineering – the creation of exclusive, unique, and very personal instruments.

Every year, more and more people are becoming interested in this area. I’m very pleased that among my customers there are well-known musicians, amateur guitarists, doctors, artists, sculptors, collectors, and even cosmonauts!

I am grateful to each of them for their trust and the opportunity to take another small step to new achievements.

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Answers to frequently asked questions

Why don’t you make your guitars in series?

Even in my youth, when I had a practicum at a plant, the word “conveyor” used to frighten me. I could not imagine how one can do the same thing day after day.

Series production is business. It’s a completely different approach where creativity goes to the background. Constantly doing something new is much more interesting to me.

What is the cause of the fretboard surface cracking and how to avoid it?

This mainly applies to fretboards surfaces made of ebony.
The reason is always one – a sharp change in humidity. This is especially noticeable in our latitudes, where there is high humidity in summer, and in the winter season it falls sharply almost twofold. If you do not take care of your fretboard, do not create a microclimate in the case or room, then, at best, the ends of the frets will begin to come out at the sides of the neck, and at the worst, it will be covered with cracks.
A hygrometer, oil, moisturizer and a little care will help to easily cope with this problem.

Do you worry that not everyone takes your view of guitar engineering?

No, it doesn’t bother me at all. It’s a very specific niche for a particular and small audience. I make guitars for those who are willing to go beyond standards and stereotypes, for those who have their own style, who love experiments, and who are not afraid to discover something new.

It is quite evident that such people are a minority in the total mass of musicians. But we are united by one approach – we prefer quality and individuality over quantity!

Come and join this group of like-minded people and write your name in the history of Poznysh Guitars!

I will be glad to be acquainted to new people interested in my work.

Sincerely, Dmitry Poznysh.