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Master guitars – store “Your Sound”

Our fruitful cooperation has lasted for many years, so we can safely say that this friendship is time-tested 🙂

It was nice to watch how, from a small trading stand “Your Sound” was transformed into a solid brand and acquired the status of one of the most successful music stores in the country.

At the same time, the cultural and educational level of young musicians is changing and growing. People seek brand-name instruments less and less, and guitarists pay attention to high-end handmade tools with greater interest.

That’s why we decided to create a joint project to popularize such topics as master guitars and the elimination of illiteracy in guitar engineering.

The first step will be a series of videos with an overview of the most interesting and new instruments from Poznysh Guitars.

I bring to your attention the sound test of the tribute guitar and prototype of Ibanez Jem, created in honor of the 30th anniversary of Steve Vai’s famous signature series!