About the project

Life, as it turns out, is full of surprises! 🙂

I was approached by a sports car designer from Austria to create an instrument based on Rick Toone’s futuristic work.

This is not really my forte, but it’s always interesting to try something new and unusual. I also got an opportunity to communicate and understand the thoughts of a professional designer from the auto world. This was an invaluable experience, as I want to implement several more projects in this direction in the future.

The work was conducted – albeit virtual – but still very close contact. Each line and bend was controlled and adjusted by the customer in real time. Somewhere his decisions did not fit the guitar concept, somewhere my decisions did not match his taste, but as a result we came to a compromise that suited both of us.

The instrument turned out to be very unusual, somewhat unearthly. We named it – UFO.

The instrument was also delivered to the customer by private aircraft! The choice of the name was very appropriate ?

Body/Neck WoodWenge (one piece)
Fretboard WoodMakassar Ebony
Scale Length24.750”/25.5”
Frets24 Sintoms 2.8 mm EH
MechanicsMera Guitars Submarine III
PickupsFokin Custom