Travel LP Purple Rain

Workshop of Dmitry Poznysh / Travel LP Purple Rain

About the Instrument

Last year, Prince passed away …
He was a very original and exceptional musician. You might like or might not like his work, but I’m sure that his name is known to virtually everyone without exception.
In my memory, the image of this musician will always be associated with his most romantic and beautiful work “Purple Rain”. It was this song that formed the basis for the idea of ​​creating the instrument of the same name.

I wanted to make something unusual for the special theme of the festival Guitarstroy. It so happened that this season there was huge interest on the theme of “Travel”. There was nothing left to do but to create a travel guitar based on Les Paul.

The main task in this work was to make the instrument in the colorful, shocking style of Prince, while remaining within the concept Les Paul.
Unfortunately, there is no video yet to show all the nuances of the finished product. The photos do not convey the glare of the purple sparkles in the varnish and the play of the light on the cubic zirconia. All this will certainly be shown, but a little later, in the presentation clip of the instrument on this website.

NameTravel LP Purple Rain
Body Wood Mahogany
Top WoodFlame Maple
Neck WoodBrazilian rosewood/Bubinga
Fretboard WoodMacassar Ebony
Scale Length24.65”
Frets 22 Sintoms 2.3 mm (bell bronze)
Tuners Mera
BridgeSubmarine III
PickupsFokin Custom
ElectronicsFender Mid-Boost Clapton (active/passive)
FinishMatt/Gloss Lacquer