Travel Dr Endo

Workshop of Dmitry Poznysh / Travel Dr Endo

About the project

This guitar was a continuation of the Dr. Endo 1 travel guitar that was made for ‘Doctor’ (Dmitry Kazachkov) 🙂
My artistic side could not stand the contradictory design of the ready-made fretboard and the custom-made body! Doctor decided that it would be right to make a compact headless neck and get a completely unique signature travel guitar.

And so, we did.

For adaptation, we had to replace the usual bridge with the mechanics of Mera and install master pickups from Ilya Fokin.

Now Dmitry Kazachkov is the lucky owner of a custom travel guitar in the name of himself!

Name Travel Dr Endo
Body Wood American walnut
Top Wood Wenge
Neck Wood Bubinga
Fretboard Wood Macassar Ebony
Scale Length 25.5”
Frets 22 Sintoms 3 mm (bell bronze)
Tuners Mera
Bridge Submarine III
Pickups Fokin T-Custom
Finish Oil