Starline Zebra Mark

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About the project “Starline Zebra Mark”

You can say that this guitar in a way became the realization of my old dream. Back in 2001, when I attended the concert of Mark Knopfler, in my heart I felt an impulse to make a guitar for this great musician. I even nurtured plans on how to transfer the instrument to him personally. But, naturally, the dream remained a dream. It found a new impulse in 2014, when another fan of Mark like myself contacted me for an order and asked me to make him a guitar under the working title “Dreams of Knopfler”. In this project, his two favorite instruments are crossed – Fender Stratocaster and Gibson Les Paul; or, it would be more accurate to say, their synergy, some sort of arithmetic average. As a form factor for this purpose, the model from my earlier development became very useful – Starline. Next, we made the 635 mm scale length, added an APG dual tone bridge Stratobucker that combines single coil and humbucker pickup, as well as piezo bridge, and created the guitar of Mark Knopfler’s dream! … Of course, according to our vision ? There were different ideas for the design of the instrument, but, we agreed on the laconic inlay of the inscription “Mark” on the 12th fret. This is such well-known and recognizable name in the world of guitarists that it was simply unnecessary to somehow embellish this theme.
So in this intricate way my old dream was realized, for which I am grateful to my customer.

NameStarline Zebra Mark
Body WoodMahogany
Top WoodZebrano
Neck WoodBrazilian rosewood
Fretboard Wood Macassar Ebony
Scale Length25”
Frets22 Sintoms 2.3 mm (bell bronze)
TunersGotoh 510 Delta
BridgeL.R.Baggs X-Bridge
PickupsAPG Stratobucker Plus
ElectronicsCTRL-X L.R.Baggs Preamp
FinishGloss/Matt Lacquer
Starline Zebra Mark