Starline Serg Digin

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About the project

Every so often I receive letters from guitarists with a proposal for collaboration. It usually goes like this – if I make them a guitar, then they will advertise me at concerts. Often these guitarists are beginning their careers and don’t have the most promising of prospects. Naturally, I do not agree to such tempting options. Not that I’m greedy – I just know cheaper and more effective ways to advertise ?

When I read the letter from Sergey Zuev (Serg Digin), I realized that I was dealing with a serious and decent person. With his status he had every right to be confident, but the proposal was based on respect and mutually beneficial terms.

It’s nice to deal with such customers.

Sergey said that soon there would be a big foreign tour for his band “Emin”, and he needs an effective instrument in light colors for the stage.

For the basis I used my model Starline. He compiled all the specifications independently. I just had to think about the design of the instrument, which would reflect the customer’s character.

During the work process I happened to get to the presentation of Serg Digin’s solo project.

The first thing that immediately caught my eye was the level of his performance and his manner. You could feel the breath of hot Texan blues from Stevie Ray Vaughan and the incredible devotion to a favorite cause. From that moment on, I already knew exactly what the guitar would look like.

I am sincerely grateful to Sergey for the honor given to me to create this model.

Name  Starline Serg Digin
Body Wood Black Korina
Neck Wood Maple
Fretboard Wood Brazilian rosewood
Scale Length 25.5”
Frets 22 Sintoms 2.3 mm EH
Tuners Hipshot
Bridge Gotoh 510 Tremolo
Pickups Lollar
Finish Matt Lacquer
Starline Serg Digin – Изготовление гитар на заказ