Starline Banana Republic

Workshop of Dmitry Poznysh / Starline Banana Republic

About the project

The history of this instrument is very funny.

One day my wife and I went shopping and ended up in a confectionery department, where I suddenly saw a pack of chocolate-covered dried bananas that had a very cool design. The next day I went with the packaging to my friends who are colorists to pick up the color, because it was perfectly clear that I would not be able to sleep until I made a guitar in this style.

Such impulses cannot be stopped – I had to do it!

NameStarline Banana Republic
Body WoodAsh
Neck WoodPadouk/Wenge
Fretboard WoodZebrano
Scale Length25.5”
Frets 22 Sintoms 2.5 mm EH
Tuners Planet Waves
BridgeFender Tremolo
PickupsFokin Custom
FinishMatt Lacquer