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Tribute to Ibanez Jem

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the birth of one of Ibanez's most famous instruments - Steve Vai’s Ibanez Jem.

With regard to this event, the organizer of the community “Ibanez Family & Father Steve Vai” decided to release his version of the prototype of the legendary guitar and invited me to participate in this project.

The main idea was to make an instrument in a steampunk style with its own history.

As of now, the project is close to its completion. Photo reports of the process are published on social media and other sources of the community “Ibanez Family & Father Steve Vai”. Due to its unusual nature, the project is becoming more popular every day – last week our photo got into the Top 10 around the world on Instagram #ibanez.

We are carrying on in the same spirit! ?

Трибьют Ibanez Jem