About “FlyinG”

This instrument was developed by the customer. I was presented with a ready-made virtual 3D layout for familiarization. Although it was not quite the sort of design I would choose, the complexity, originality and courage in the design attracted me. In addition, this was to be not just a beautiful craft, but also a versatile tool that would be used both in heavy styles and in quite light genres requiring a clean sound. In other words, in addition to the accuracy of the shape, it was also necessary to have a decent sound .

The neck-through body construction made from rosewood and amaranth became the basis of a dense, elastic, oily sound. The “ears” from mahogany add bottom notes, while the maple top and fingerboard contribute to the top notes. So, despite the miniature body and its small size/ weight, it was possible to form a decent saturated, bright, and at the same time, dense sound.
All this is remarkably complemented by the APG Custom humbucker set combined with the L.R.Baggs piezo system.

The work was very interesting! I like to make something new and unusual. During the process you solve various unexpected difficulties and invent something new. The process is extremely creative. Some details had to be made specifically for this project. For example, an overhead plate in the form of a boomerang was made of a sheet of stainless steel. It took a lot of effort to adjust the bend under the plane of the chamfer ? Handles for potentiometers also turned out to be non-standard. For them, we had to develop an additional 3D model, after which they were printed with a 3D printer. After that we had to paint them the right color – for some reason the printer did the plastic designs only in yellow. The retainers are my pride! ? It was a hard-won result and, in my opinion, very elegant. The banal fixing screws came out just right for the design and functionality of the retainers.

The painting process was also quite a story! The main problem arose in the fact that the color transmission on my computer monitors was different from my customer’s, in addition to distortion from the photo camera and room lighting. It became almost of job of intuition. The color corrections were countless. The fingerboard – is a whole different story. The applications were so elaborate that I had to waste 8 perfect stencils, until everything turned out even.

In general, the work left only positive impressions. You can see the process in the current photo-report. Perhaps the result of our joint efforts with the customer will be of interest to you as well.

Body WoodMahogany
Top WoodMaple
Neck WoodBrazilian rosewood/Amaranth
Fretboard WoodMaple
Scale Length25.5”
Frets24 Sintoms 2.8 mm EH
BridgeT-Bridge L.R.Baggs
Pickups APG Custom
ElectronicsCTRL-X L.R.Baggs Preamp
FinishGloss Lacquer