Balalaika Beer together

Workshop of Dmitry Poznysh / Balalaika Beer together

About the project

It was very unexpected when the balalaika player from the show-duet “Pivo Vmeste” (Beer Together) contacted me to make him an instrument. However, during the process of discussion it became clear that the work would be very interesting and would fit within my profile.

The task was to make an electro-balalaika! Another task was to somehow decorate the instrument, considering the image of the band. When I hear the phrase “Beer together,” for some reason the image of dried vobla (Russian fish) appeared in my mind. So, the idea was born to draw a skeleton of fish with an open jaw that fit into the shape of the guitar body. Artist Daniil Ermolovich masterfully coped with this task. In my opinion, his fish is simply a masterpiece!

Now this unusual electro-balalaika has become the hallmark of the band.

NameBalalaika Beer together
Body WoodMahogany
Neck WoodMaple/Amaranth
Fretboard WoodAmaranth
Scale Length17”
Frets20 Sintoms 2.5 mm EH
BridgeCustom FR
PickupsSeymour Duncan Hot Rails
FinishGloss Lacquer