About the Instrument

This unusual instrument was made especially for the solo project of the guitarist of the band “Bi-2” Andrei Zvonkov.

In the arsenal of the musician there are two nylon Godin guitars, which in principle suit him both in convenience and in sound. However, they have two nuances that forced Andrei to develop an individual guitar – they have 22 frets and don’t have a very accurate scale system due to a lack of micro-tuning. Plus, I wanted to add an acoustic sound by installing a microphone.

The design of the guitar had to be thought out, based on the availability of 28 frets and convenient access to distant positions. So, the idea was to make a lightweight version of the neck-through body.

The most difficult element was the bridge. We had to invent it as there is nothing similar ?
The design of the guitar is also different from the classical one, which resulted in the instrument acquiring a vivid individuality. In addition to this, a nominal logo was developed and inlayed on the 12th fret.

That’s how the experimental model of the semi-acoustic nylon guitar was made. It’s now shining on the big stage

P.S. However, the story didn’t end here. ? After experimenting with different strings for this guitar, it became clear that Thomastik nylon with a flat metal braid were the best. So, there was an idea to expand the capabilities of the instrument by installing an additional electromagnetic pickup.
Now the guitar has a new look, and perhaps still not in its final form ?

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Andrei Zvonkov for his trust in me as well as his healthy adventurism! ?

NameSemi-Holloy AZ
Body WoodAmerican walnut/mahogany
Top WoodBrazilian rosewood/ Bubinga
Neck WoodBubinga
Fretboard WoodMakassar Ebony
Scale Length25.5”
Frets28 Sintoms 2.3 mm EH
TunersGotoh 510
BridgeCustom made/Graphtech
PickupsFokin Custom 58
ElectronicsFishmann Prefix Premium
FinishMatt Lacquer
Полуакустика AZ
Полуакустика AZ
Полуакустика AZ
Полуакустика AZ